Don’t Just Shuffle Offices: Give Local Officials Teeth

Peter Schaumberg (Principal, Washington, DC) contributed an article, "Don’t Just Shuffle Offices: Give Local Officials Teeth," to a printed debate featured in the May/June 2018 issue of the Environmental Law Institute's (ELI) The Environmental Forum.

The debate, titled "Reorganizing the Administration of Public Lands: Zinke’s Proposal to Revamp the Interior Department" features input from six "experienced hands" who were asked to provide their thoughts on whether Congress and the Trump administration should tackle a reorganization effort as proposed by Secretary Ryan Zinke. In his article, Peter discusses the proposed physical moves and the Secretary of the Interior’s obligations to reconcile multiple, often competing, demands when facilitating resource development on public lands. Peter emphasizes the necessity of regional and local officials' involvement in the formulation of agency policy, as well as the need to give those officials “teeth” to hold co-located representatives of all Department of the Interior agencies responsible for timely implementation of their responsibilities related to resource development.