Groundtruth: Cumulative Impact Analysis - Massachusetts, EPA, and Beyond

People Places Planet Podcast and The Environmental Law Podcast

In the 13th episode of "Groundtruth," Associate Lauren Karam (Boston) speaks with Stella Keck, a Senior Scientist at Roux, and Andrew Shapero, a Senior Engineer at Roux. Lauren, Stella, and Andrew discuss new regulations in Massachusetts involving cumulative impact analyses for air permit issues in areas near environmental justice (EJ) communities, and how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other states address cumulative impacts in EJ communities.

"These regulations are designed to encourage partnerships between communities, government, and other stakeholders to look for options that promote community health while also allowing for emissions projects to continue to move forward." - Andrew Shapero

“Groundtruth” is a podcast series, produced in partnership with the Environmental Law Institute’s People Places Planet Podcast, that explores EJ trends and developments. Listen to other “Groundtruth” episodes:

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