Groundtruth: Valuing Lived Experience and Fostering Meaningful Community Engagement

People Places Planet Podcast and The Environmental Law Podcast

The Biden-Harris administration has placed an unprecedented federal focus on environmental justice using a whole of government approach, including issuing executive orders demanding accountability and action from a broad list of federal agencies and requiring input from impacted communities. In the 12th episode of "Groundtruth," Associate Hilary Jacobs (Washington, DC) meets with Ebony Griffin, an Environmental Justice Advocate with Earthjustice, for a focused conversation about environmental justice and community engagement. They also discuss how regulators and companies can meaningfully engage with impacted communities to address environmental justice concerns. 

"It's so important that we get to a point where we collectively understand that there's a need to protect the environment and public health, and there is a need for advancement in industrialization, and we have to figure out a way to do those things together in a way that's protective of all the things we need to be protective of.

— Ebony Griffin

“Groundtruth” is a podcast series, produced in partnership with the Environmental Law Institute’s People Places Planet Podcast, that explores EJ trends and developments. Listen to other “Groundtruth” episodes:

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