EPA Finalizes Important Changes to Agency Guidance Procedures
European Commission Launches Roadmap for Sustainable Products Initiative to Usher in New Era of Product Regulatory Requirements
Senator Hawley Introduces Slave-Free Business Certification Act
Colombia Proposes New Chemical Regulatory Framework, Comments Due July 31, 2020
California Adopts Definition of Microplastics in Drinking Water
Pedal to the Metal: 15 States and D.C. Seek to Achieve 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Sales for New Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles by 2050
If You Handle PFAS, Your TRI May Be Different Next Year
European Commission Forecasts Sweeping Legislative Reforms in Circular Economy Action Plan and Forthcoming Strategy for Textiles
Opportunities for Industry Action in Response to President Trump’s Executive Order Limiting EPA and Other Federal Agency Use of Guidance
OSHA Coronavirus Guidance for Employers Continues to Evolve
Department of Energy Requests Public Input on Energy Conservation Standards for External Power Supplies
EPA Provides Flexibility to Manufacturers of Isopropyl Alcohol-Based Disinfectants and Sanitizers
How Green is the “Green Rush”? Recognizing the Environmental Concerns Facing the Cannabis Industry
EPA Expedites Data Review for Disinfectant Products that May Be Effective Against the Novel Coronavirus
Fight Over Vehicle Emission Regs Complicates Compliance
Ten Tips for Disinfectant Producers and Distributors During the COVID-19 Pandemic
EPA and NHTSA Finalize Rollback of Vehicle Fuel Economy and GHG Standards
EPA Highlights Enforcement Against Disinfectant Products Making Fraudulent Coronavirus Claims
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues Clarifications Regarding “Essential” Businesses Exempt from His “Stay-At-Home” Order
Novel Citizen Suit Against Automotive Parts Dealer Results in $850K Penalty
China Intends to Revise Its Energy Efficiency Standard for Flat-Panel TV Set and Set-Top Boxes
Key Takeaways:
2020 Circular Economy and Plastics Symposium
Congress Tackles PFAS on Multiple Fronts
Amendments to Proposition 65’s Safe Harbor Regulations Finalized in Attempt to Clarify Legal Responsibilities of Businesses Across the Supply Chain
New York, California, and EPA Tackle 1,4-Dioxane
California DTSC Accepting Comments on the Use of BPA, Ortho-phthalates, and PFAS in Food Packaging as Part of Its Evaluations under the Safer Consumer Products Program
EPA Considers Adding PFAS Chemicals to the Toxic Release Inventory
Compliance Deadline Approaching for California Cleaning Product Disclosures while New York Program Stalls
Maine Accepting Comments on PFOS as a Priority Chemical in Children’s Products
Circular Economy & Product Design Mandates: EU Bans Halogenated Flame Retardants in Electronic Components and Imposes Reparability Obligations