Executive Orders Aim to Streamline Energy Infrastructure Projects 
EPA Announces Plan to Classify Wood-Based Power as Carbon Neutral
Supreme Court to Decide Whether “Indirect” Discharges Require NPDES Permits
Will EPA ‘ACE’ Its Attempt to Replace the Clean Power Plan? A Deeper Dive into EPA’s Proposed Affordable Clean Energy Rule
Pair of Clean Water Act Decisions Creates Circuit Split over Discharges to Groundwater
Petitions Seek Supreme Court Review of Fourth and Ninth Circuit Decisions That Could Expand the CWA’s NPDES Program
Climate Regulation: United States
EPA Proposes Repeal of Clean Power Plan
Texas and Louisiana Brace for Hurricane Harvey
President Trump Announces Withdrawal from Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Virginia Begins Development of Cap-and-Trade Program for Electric Power Sector
EPA Initiates Reviews of Three Clean Air Act Regulations Following President Trump’s Executive Order
EPA’s Plan to Implement Trump’s Proposed Budget Signals Massive Change
New Executive Order Creates a Changed Climate for Climate Change and Energy
Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permits – Some New, Some Modified – Take Effect
Climate Regulation: United States
Massachusetts Proposes New Greenhouse Gas Rules for Electric Generation, Natural Gas, and Transportation Sectors
Impacts of the 2016 U.S. Election on Environmental Law, Policy, and Enforcement
State Air Agency Group Issues Model Clean Power Plan Rule
New Ratemaking Order Revamps Conventional Cost-of-Service Ratemaking for New York Utilities
Comments Due August 15 on EPA Proposal to Remove Emergency Defense from Title V Operating Permit Regulations
NYSERDA Rolls Out Stage 2 of NY Prize Competition
Solar Developers and Utilities Propose Valuing CO2 Emissions
Net Metering 2.0: Big Changes Across New England
New York State Modifies Standardized Interconnection Requirements
ENERGY STAR Disqualifications on the Rise: How to Make Sure Your Product Isn’t Next
Climate Regulation: United States
NYSDEC to Propose Emission Limits for Distributed Generation Sources
New York State’s Microgrid Development Incentives
New York State to Order that 50% of Power Consumed by New Yorkers be from Renewable Sources by 2030