Jose Almanzar Presenting ACC Webinar on Environmental Risks in Real Estate Transactions

Beveridge & Diamond Associate Jose Almanzar (New York, NY) will present an Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Environmental & Sustainability Network webinar on Tuesday, October 6 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. ET.

  • Your company is exploring the purchase of a new warehouse, facility or office building, but it may come with some unanticipated environmental issues like mold, asbestos-containing material and a possible vapor intrusion problem. How do you determine which of these Business Environmental Risks will turn this otherwise good deal into a sour investment? Can you work around these problems or will you have to seek a new plot of land?
  • Your Chief Operating Officer assures you that the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment performed for the bank is all you need and that additional due diligence is unnecessary, but something in your gut tells you otherwise. Do you need a new Phase I ESA? Can you just “recycle” the bank’s report? Does it matter?

Recent legal developments have cast doubt on the ability to maintain Superfund Landowner Liability Protections, particularly when certain elemental steps are not followed prior to and after closings in real estate transactions. Combine these issues with the fact that Business Environmental Risks are evolving and becoming more complex to manage because they now include considerations such as “emerging contaminants” and climate change. Jose Almanzar will help guide attendees through key issues to avoid losing statutory liability protections and highlight how to manage the most common Business Environmental Risks facing companies that engage in real estate transactions.

If you are corporate counsel and would like to register for this webinar, please contact Alexa Curto.

Beveridge & Diamond is proud to sponsor the ACC Environmental and Sustainability Network, a group that enhances the ability of ACC members to practice environmental law. It provides support for the development of related programs within their client companies for both operations and products, including aspects of sustainable development and health and safety issues related to environmental law.