COVID-19 Impacts in Massachusetts: Entering Phase 3 and Restarting the Clock on State Permitting
Supreme Court Rules U.S. Forest Service Can Grant Pipeline Right-of-Way Under Appalachian Trail
President Trump Orders Expanded Use of Emergency Powers to Streamline Infrastructure
DOJ Guidance for Corporate Compliance Programs Calls for Continuous Tracking of Data and Program Adaptations
How Green is the “Green Rush”? Recognizing the Environmental Concerns Facing the Cannabis Industry
Criminal Charges Against Hemp Business Prompt Lawsuit and National Confusion
Making Sense of Environmental Agency Enforcement Policies in the Wake of a Pandemic
EPA Finalizes Removal of Water Quality Standards Despite Pending Washington Lawsuit
SCOTUS: Clean Water Act Permits Required for Some Releases into Groundwater
Supreme Court Rules that Landowners at a CERCLA Site Cannot Require Additional Cleanup under State Law without Advance EPA Approval
Public Duty Doctrine Applies when the Washington DNR Acts as a Fire Prevention and Suppression Agency
So Long to SEPs
Key Takeaways:
Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association
New WOTUS Rule Clarifies Clean Water Act Jurisdiction, Awaits Litigation
Washington’s Clean Air Rule: State Supreme Court Invalidates Key Components of Climate Change Regulation
Ninth Circuit Orders EPA to Develop Total Maximum Daily Loads for Temperature on the Columbia and Snake Rivers
New York Enacts New Limitations Period for Water Supplier Contamination Claims
EPA Proposes Big Changes to the EAB Permit Appeals Process
Justices Wrestle with Scope of the CWA’s Permitting Requirement
EPA Proposes Revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule
Another Round In The Battle Over The Clean Water Act
SEC Proposes Changes to Reporting Regulations Impacting Environmental Disclosures
“Broken Link in the Chain of Liability”: MTCA Decision Highlights Intricacies of Corporate Law
New DOJ Policy Diminishes Use of SEPs in Federal Settlements with State and Local Governments
Seventh Circuit Rejects CERCLA Claims Filed Nineteen Years After Settlement
Seventh Circuit Affirms 25% Allocation to No-Fault Purchaser in Superfund Litigation
Ninth Circuit Strikes a Blow for PURPA: Winding Creek Solar LLC. v. Peterman
DC Circuit Denies Petition Challenging Transfer-Based Exclusion under RCRA
Who Gets to Decide What an Agency Meant? U.S. Supreme Court Places Limits on Agency Deference
U.S. Supreme Court Increases Protection for Confidential Business Information Shared With The Federal Government