Loren R. Dunn,

Legal Administrative Assistant:Matteus Vaga

Representative Matters

Examples of Loren's experience include:1

  • Counsel to international nuclear engineering and construction firm. Provided advice and assistance regarding design, construction, and permitting of proposed nuclear waste treatment facility, including clean air and waste management permits.
  • Counsel to Fortune 500 investor-owned utility. Provided advice and assistance, including litigation defense, concerning remediation of multiple hazardous waste sites. Work has included lead role in organizing, developing, and managing multi-party arbitration and follow-up mediation for dividing clean-up costs at an 80+ party urban Superfund sediment site. Negotiated performance consent decree settlement with EPA. Assisted in development and implementation of innovative, cost-effective remedy for aquatic sediment site. Negotiated cash-out settlement with 80+ responsible parties, and cost-sharing settlements with other major performing parties. Pursuing ongoing cost recovery actions against recalcitrant parties. Assisted in securing orphan status designation for chemical manufacturing site wrongfully attributed to client. Prompted grant of public funding for cost of clean-up of site.
  • Represented major municipality in a variety of environmental matters, including defense and enforcement of hazardous substance cleanup actions and land use and boundary adjustment matters.
  • Counsel to major international paper company. Provided advice and assistance regarding property acquisition, leasing, and due diligence advice, clean water act permitting, compliance, and enforcement actions, defense of citizen suits, hazardous waste and asbestos compliance assistance, remediation of contaminated sediments, air emissions permitting, landfill permitting, and advice regarding potential natural resource damages claims.
  • Counsel to nation’s largest producer of building and packaging materials made from polystyrene insulating foam. Representation has included providing assistance in negotiating air quality emissions permits and settlement of local and regional air authority enforcement actions, pursuit of cost recovery litigation involving the failure of purchased air quality control and process efficiency equipment, and defense of cleanup cost recovery and contribution actions and natural resource damages cost recovery claims at Superfund sediment mega-site.
  • Counsel to international nuclear engineering and construction firm. Provided advice and assistance regarding design, construction, and permitting of proposed nuclear waste treatment facility, including clean air and waste management permits.
  • Counsel to Fortune 500 metals manufacturing company on hazardous waste compliance issues, including handling citizens’ suit regarding waste disposal practices, clean air act permitting, and federal litigation challenging hazardous waste disposal and recycling regulations.
  • Assisted with site review, facility siting and acquisition, site remediation, and permitting of new brewery facility for national specialty beer brewer.
  • Counsel to leading cooperatively owned manufacturer of fine wooden building and construction materials. Assisted with site cleanup, shoreline permitting, site development activities, and defense of federal contaminated sediment cleanup and cost recovery claims at Superfund mega-site. Lead negotiator for securing consent decree for 25+ cash-out parties for major multi-party federal Superfund site. Lead negotiator in responding to multi-party natural resources damages recovery claims brought by federal, state, and tribal trustees. Responsible for design and management of multi-party mediation process for resolving trustees’ claims.
  • Counsel to family held regional machine manufacturing company. Provided assistance regarding hazardous waste compliance issues, storm water discharge permitting, sale of manufacturing facilities, defense of multi-party contribution and cost recovery claims relating to on-site and maritime sediment contamination cleanup, settlement of natural resource damages liabilities, consent decree negotiations with federal regulatory agencies, and insurance recovery negotiations.
  • Counsel to small municipality in pursuing cost recovery and replacement of critical drinking water wells contaminated by releases of hazardous substances to groundwater from regional landfill.
  • Counsel to one of largest national parking service companies in defense of multi-million-dollar hazardous substance contribution claims resulting from contamination releases affecting two high-rise office towers.
  • Counsel to northwest’s largest manufacturer of brick and concrete building materials.
  • Representation included clean air act permitting and defense of air quality enforcement actions, assistance with hazardous substance remediation activities and defense of related enforcement actions, and defense of litigation involving property adversely affected by hazardous substance releases.
  • Assisted with environmental analysis and site cleanup for regional casting and machining plant for Fortune 500 international tool and die, casting, and machining company.
  • General counsel to one of nation’s leading environmental toxicology consulting firms. Provide advice on environmental contracting and regulations. Prosecuted claims involving employee termination, unfair competition, and embezzlement.
  • Represented EPA remedial action construction contractor in defending claims by property owner for contribution for costs of conducting EPA emergency removal action at pesticide-contaminated hop farm.
  • Represented owner of wood treatment facility in defense of claims by EPA for recovery of costs incurred by EPA in performing time-critical emergency removal action. Negotiated advantageous site clean-up performance consent decree with EPA.
  • Counsel to major regional electric utility in preparing defense to contribution, cost recovery, and natural resource damages claims at Superfund sediment mega-site.
  • Counsel to leading northwest automotive distributor and automotive services provider.
  • Assisted with hazardous waste management, clean water permitting, EPA and FAA enforcement matters, and environmental cleanup contribution litigation.
  • Provided representation for major clothing manufacturer in defending clean water act enforcement action and in negotiating for issuance of clean water permit.
  • Represented national food manufacturer in defending enforcement action for exceedances of waste water discharge permit.
  • Served as lead environmental counsel in defense of toxic tort class action brought by residents of mobile home park against multiple parties responsible for past and currently operating landfill.
  • Assisted local specialty coffee roaster in resolving claims related to air emissions from nearby metals coating and spray painting operation.
  • Counsel to Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing company in resolving multi-party cost recovery litigation relating to the cleanup of historic explosives manufacturing facility.
  • Represented regional landfill owner and operator in regulatory agency negotiations for closure plan and remedial implementation.
  • Counsel to nation’s leading photo safari touring company in seeking to recover for damages to property due to illegal disposal of waste materials, and in responding to slanderous Internet communications from world-wide environmental organization relating to company’s business practices.
  • Defended multiple owners/operators of past automotive service stations in cost recovery contribution actions arising from underground storage tank releases.
  • Lead environmental counsel in multiple large class actions against international metals smelters and metals manufacturing facilities.
  • Represented major oil company in defense of multi-party hazardous substance cleanup contribution action involving releases from metal mining and smelting operation in British Columbia.
  • Provided permitting assistance for facility siting of experimental design and testing facility for electrical generation company, including air emissions and local development permits.
  • Represented numerous multi-family residential complexes in cases involving environmental hazards and contamination caused by federal Superfund site. Cases involved issues of trespass, nuisance, inverse condemnation, groundwater contamination, underground migration of landfill gases, and land use and landfill permitting and compliance issues. Successfully overturned proposed federal consent decree that inadequately protected adjacent property owners.
  • Provided environmental regulatory compliance assistance to international manufacturer of clothing and footwear.
  • Defended past private landowner against $50 million claim for costs of site remediation due to releases of petroleum contamination from series of oil pipelines.

Experience listed here includes work done at other law firms.