Wildfires Burn Carbon Offsets
Wildfires Spark Forest Management Actions at State and Federal Levels, Opening Markets for Forest Management Byproducts
Recent and Forthcoming Environmental Rules and Guidance Could Be Reversed Under Congressional Review Act: Three Steps for Stakeholders to Consider
White House Completes Generational Update of NEPA Regulations
Supreme Court Rules U.S. Forest Service Can Grant Pipeline Right-of-Way Under Appalachian Trail
Oregon Appeals Court Confirms Water Rights for Hydroelectric Power
President Trump Orders Expanded Use of Emergency Powers to Streamline Infrastructure
EPA Tackles Controversial Clean Water Act Certification Requirements
Forests Recognized as Contributors to Washington State's Response to Climate Change
Public Duty Doctrine Applies when the Washington DNR Acts as a Fire Prevention and Suppression Agency
So Long to SEPs
Key Takeaways:
Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association
EPA Proposed Regulations Aim to Further Clarify CWA Section 401 Certification Reviews
Virginia Regulators Considering Amendments to Rules for 150 Megawatt Solar Projects
Who Gets to Decide What an Agency Meant? U.S. Supreme Court Places Limits on Agency Deference
U.S. Forest Service Proposes to Revise NEPA Regulations
New EPA Section 401 Guidance Clarifies Timelines for and Scope of Certification Reviews
California Court Finds Tribe Lacks Standing to Quantify Reserved Water Right
The Supreme Court Decides the United States Cannot Have Title to Running Waters
Water From a Glacier Reaches the Ocean Eventually: Final Decree Issued in the Yakima Water Adjudication after 42 Years
Executive Orders Aim to Streamline Energy Infrastructure Projects 
A Trickle of Movement on New Storage for the Yakima Basin
Washington's Forest Management Vision: Growing Healthier Forests
Mechanical Thinning: Don't Try This at Home!
CEQA Guidelines Receive Update, Climate Change Drives Major Amendments
NRDC Files Court Challenge to Revived NSR Rule Almost a Decade After EPA First Published Its Project Aggregation Rule
Energy Trends: Is EPA Entering Its “Development Phase” for Important Oil and Gas Rules?