B&D Principal Julius Redd Quoted on ISRI 2021 and EJ in Recycling Today

Recycling Today

B&D Principal Julius Redd (Washington, DC) was quoted in “ISRI2021: Keeping tabs on environmental justice” in Recycling Today. Julius spoke at ISRI2021, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries’ (ISRI’s) online conference (held from April 20-22 and April 27-29), in a panel entitled “What We Gain from Being Local and Vocal”, which featured lawyers and a recycling industry executive regarding environmental justice (EJ) policies’ effects on scrap recyclers, as well as proactive best practices for engaging with communities concerned about EJ.

“I could probably spend 15 hours talking about this topic, but environmental justice is the notion that our communities, regardless of race [color, national origin, or income], are treated fairly,” said Julius. He described the EPA’s approach to EJ as well as the United Nations Development Program’s definition, also explaining how EJ principles are at play in several statutes at the federal level, though no single piece of federal EJ legislation exists.

Julius discussed proactive approaches to EJ efforts, including EJ-specific processes and community outreach, saying, “have meaningful engagement and be sure you are aware of community stakeholders. That’s particularly important in times when there aren’t issues so that if and when the time comes that you want to expand your permit or facility to increase operations, you have already built-in trust and partnership with the community, and they look upon you favorably as a good corporate citizen.”