Dan Krainin Quoted in Legal News on Law Firm Sustainability

Principal Dan Krainin (New York) was quoted in a January 16 article in Legal News titled "Survey Finds Majority of Law Firms Have Positive Outlook on Law Firm Sustainability." The article focuses on a report released by the Law Firm Sustainability Network (LFSN) and Amity Advisory on the current state of sustainability in the legal industry.

LFSN's report, based on a survey of over 50 law firms, finds that 64% of law firms believe the 2-3 year outlook for law firm sustainability programs is positive. 74% of firms reported positive effects of such programs on employee morale, and 22% reported positive effects on revenue. The report also identifies success factors and challenges to developing sustainability programs.

The LFSN works with its member firms to promote sustainability throughout the legal industry. One of the LFSN’s signature initiatives is the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS), an online self-assessment tool that serves both as a roadmap of best practices and an objective measure of a firm’s sustainability efforts.

“We believe the report and survey results underscore the importance of ALISS as a tool to help firms get more positive results from, and overcome challenges with, their sustainability programs,” said Dan, who acts as president of the LFSN.

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