Law360 Names B&D Environmental Practice Group of the Year for 2016

Citing the firm's "variety of clients at the local and national level" last year, Law360 has named Beveridge & Diamond a 2016 "Practice Group of the Year" for Environmental. Law360 recognizes “the law firms that racked up victories in litigation and closed the big deals to make their mark among clients and throughout the legal industry.”

Law360 highlighted some of the firm’s major courtroom wins in the past year. B&D successfully defended Siemens before a federal jury in Boston in a $12.6 million water contamination lawsuit. The firm also won a unanimous decision in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for Synagro Technologies, applying the state right to farm act to shield farming with biosolids from tort claims, which will help protect this recycling practice nationwide.

Law360’s announcement includes comments from Principals Paul Hagen, Jimmy Slaughter, and Kathy Szmuszkovicz (Washington, DC), who noted that the firm’s clients include “every major industry that powers our economy.” Regarding the recent litigation wins, Jimmy said that they demonstrate “how closely we integrate the science and regulations into our litigation. We have plenty of lawyers with science degrees and all our litigators have to know science and regulations. That gives us a big leg up.” Kathy added that “we have an unusual array of substance specialists and litigators who marry a tremendous depth in the entire history of environmental law with up-to-the-minute and forward-thinking litigation techniques.”

In recent years, the firm’s work has "expanded beyond traditional pollution control," said Paul. "For example, there has been a dramatic increase in product-focused environmental regulations at all levels, and that area is one the firm has made strategic investments in.”

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