Washington State Supreme Court Declines Review of Beveridge & Diamond Win in Court of Appeals Preempting Biosolids Ban


Jimmy Slaughter, a litigator and Principal in Beveridge & Diamond’s Washington, DC office, was quoted in a Law360 article titled “Washington High Court Won't Revisit Biosolids Ban Reversal.”  The article discusses the Supreme Court of Washington’s decision to decline review of the State Court of Appeals’ ruling that a county ban on applying biosolids to farmland as fertilizer violated the state constitution. Dep't of Ecology v. Wahkiakum County, 337 P.3d 364 (Wn. App. 2014), review denied , 2015 Wash. LEXIS 467 (Wn. 2015).

Mr. Slaughter, counsel for amicus curiae Northwest Biosolids Management Association, filed briefs and presented oral argument to the Court of Appeals in the case.  Mr. Slaughter said:

“The Wahkiakum County decision builds on a long-term trend of state and federal decisions holding that states have primacy over localities in regulating biosolids use on farms. Decisions like this help cities plan and manage their biosolids programs better and provides farmers an excellent bulk organic fertilizer that improves soils.”

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Westlaw Journal Environmental also featured the decision and quoted Mr. Slaughter.  Read the full article.

Mr. Slaughter was also quoted in the Chinook Observer regarding the decision.