Oregon Legislators Unveil Cap-and-Trade Bill
Texas Supreme Court Holds Energy Company Can Recover Substantial Defense Costs Under Insurance Policy Covering Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Energy Trends: Is EPA Entering Its “Development Phase” for Important Oil and Gas Rules?
Pair of Clean Water Act Decisions Creates Circuit Split over Discharges to Groundwater
NJDEP to Allow Capping as Remedial Option for VOCs with Groundwater Pathways
Petitions Seek Supreme Court Review of Fourth and Ninth Circuit Decisions That Could Expand the CWA’s NPDES Program
Second Circuit Confirms NYSDEC Waived Water Quality Certification Authority by Delaying Decision on Application
Texas and Louisiana Brace for Hurricane Harvey; Texas Governor Abbott Provides Limited Regulatory Relief
EPA Delays Effective Date of RMP Rule Amendments, Environmental Groups File Challenge
Executive Order Charts New Path For Offshore Energy Development
EPA Initiates Reviews of Three Clean Air Act Regulations, Following President Trump’s “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” Executive Order
Interior Secretary Immediately Implements President’s Executive Order on Energy and Climate
New Executive Order Creates a Changed Climate for Climate Change and Energy
Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permits – Some New, Some Modified – Take Effect
EPA Stays RMP Rule Amendments and Grants Petition for Reconsideration
Maryland 2017 Environmental Legislative Agenda Set
Fourth Circuit: CWA Permit Shield Requires Compliance with Incorporated Quality Standards
EPA Releases Final RMP Amendments, Awaits Response of New Administration