EPA Announces First-Ever Approval Pathways for “Long-Lasting” Anti-Viral Disinfectants, Coatings, and Surfaces
OMB Urges Fairness in Administrative Enforcement and Adjudication
EPA Finalizes Important Changes to Agency Guidance Procedures
FDA Updates Policies to Increase Supply of Ethanol Available for Use in Hand Sanitizers
Opportunities for Industry Action in Response to President Trump’s Executive Order Limiting EPA and Other Federal Agency Use of Guidance
OSHA Coronavirus Guidance for Employers Continues to Evolve
EPA Provides Flexibility to Manufacturers of Isopropyl Alcohol-Based Disinfectants and Sanitizers
EPA Expedites Data Review for Disinfectant Products that May Be Effective Against the Novel Coronavirus
FDA Policy Provides Enforcement Relief Regarding Certain Medical Devices Due to Pandemic
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues Clarifications Regarding “Essential” Businesses Exempt from His “Stay-At-Home” Order
U.S. Supreme Court Increases Protection for Confidential Business Information Shared With The Federal Government
EPA Overhauls Rules for Pharmaceutical Wastes That Qualify as RCRA Hazardous Wastes
California Adopts Statewide Producer-Funded Pharmaceutical Household Drug and Sharps Take-Back Program
New York State Adopts Drug Take Back Law Requiring Drug Manufacturers to Develop, Implement and Pay All Costs of a Statewide Drug Take Back Program
State of Washington Adopts Statewide Drug Take-Back Legislation
Maryland 2017 Environmental Legislative Agenda Set
Massachusetts Enacts First-in-Country Opioid Take Back Law
Implementing TSCA Legislation: Insights From EPA’s TSCA Work Plan
EPA Proposes New Rules for Pharmaceutical Wastes That Qualify as RCRA Hazardous Wastes
FDA Requests Comments on WHO Recommendation to Classify Two Common Industrial Solvents as Psychotropic Substances