Sarah Munger Moderating ABA SEER Webinar on Science for Environmental Lawyers

B&D Associate Sarah Munger (Austin, TX) will moderate the American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (ABA SEER)'s webinar, "Science for Environmental Lawyers, Part 2: How to Read and Interpret a Laboratory Report, a Tale for All Lawyers." 

This interactive program will explore the perspective of the assigning partner, the new associate, and the consultant in understanding and interpreting lab reports. Most environmental attorneys must not only understand how to apply the law, but how to handle data and work with consultants who have prepared reports relevant for their case. Whether the reports include water sampling results, soil samples, emissions monitoring data, chain of custodies, there are some foundational steps that attorneys can take to understand what they are reviewing. The webinar will equip attorneys with the skills needed to work through lab reports and understand what questions to ask when reviewing data. Additionally, the panel will discuss common mistakes made when reviewing data and how to avoid them.

For more information, and to register, please see ABA SEER's website