Port of Ridgefield Sues Railroad, Takes Nothing Under MTCA
Ninth Circuit Creates New Challenge for Divisibility in Complex CERCLA Sites
NJDEP to Allow Capping as Remedial Option for VOCs with Groundwater Pathways
Legal Whipsaw in Washington Sawmill Case: State Supreme Court Decision Fundamentally Changes the Scope of Liability Under the Model Toxics Control Act
New York High Court Rules on “Unavailability Exception” to Pro Rata Allocation in Long-Tail Environmental Coverage Case
EPA Proposes Revisions to Rules for Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities
For the First Time, U.S. EPA Proposes to Add a Site to the National Priorities List Solely Based on the Risk Posed by Vapor Intrusion
EPA Sees New Challenges Ahead for Superfund
Connecticut Launches New and Incentivized Brownfields Program
CERCLA Task Force Issues Recommendations
Insurance Policyholders Score Victory on Critical Allocation Issue in Second Circuit Olin Decision
EPA Revises All Appropriate Inquiry Rule
EPA Retracts CERCLA Remedy Selection Authority from Regional Offices for Remedies that Exceed $50 Million
Lost Insurance Policy? Pursuing Coverage for Long-Tail Environmental Liability Still Feasible
D.C. Circuit Signals Limits on EPA’s Authority to Reduce Requirements in Existing Environmental Rules: Waterkeeper Alliance v. US EPA
EPA Issues Guidance for Characterization and Remediation of Contaminated Sediment Sites Under CERCLA
Second Circuit Offers Policyholders Painful Reminder on Giving Notice of Claims: Don’t Wait, Use Correct Addresses, and Be Specific