Washington Launches Expedited Voluntary Cleanup Program
Oregon Supreme Court Applies Landfill Closure Requirements Broadly in Kinzua Resources, LLC v. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Making Sense of Environmental Agency Enforcement Policies in the Wake of a Pandemic
Supreme Court Rules that Landowners at a CERCLA Site Cannot Require Additional Cleanup under State Law without Advance EPA Approval
EPA Issues Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Superfund Sites and Other Cleanup Actions
MassDEP Proposes Stringent MCL and Finalizes Cleanup Standards for Six PFAS
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New York Enacts New Limitations Period for Water Supplier Contamination Claims
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Seventh Circuit Rejects CERCLA Claims Filed Nineteen Years After Settlement
Seventh Circuit Affirms 25% Allocation to No-Fault Purchaser in Superfund Litigation
EPA Issues Updated Guidance on “Common Elements” of Superfund Innocent Landowner Defenses
Who Gets to Decide What an Agency Meant? U.S. Supreme Court Places Limits on Agency Deference
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Finds that CERCLA § 104(e) Request and National Priority Listing Do Not Constitute “Claims” Under New York Law
Vermont Governor Signs Law Setting Strict PFAS Limits
Washington State Enacts Sweeping Law to Regulate PFAS and Other Chemicals in Consumer Products and Packaging
Vermont Legislature Passes Bill That Would Impose Strict PFAS Limits
EPA Publishes Draft Screening and Remediation Recommendations for Groundwater Contaminated with PFOA and PFOS
Massachusetts Proposes Cleanup Standards for PFAS
Despite Sophisticated Acquisition Contract, Allocation of CERCLA Liability Unclear
States Draft Legislation Following EPA's PFAS Action Plan
Port of Ridgefield Sues Railroad, Takes Nothing Under MTCA