B&D Sponsoring, Presenting ACC Webinar on Legionella and Water Safety Risks in Buildings

COVID-19 related building shutdowns and changes in building usage and occupancy have drawn attention to the potential health risks lurking in the pipes. Public health authorities, drinking water regulators, and the plaintiffs’ bar are increasingly focused on building water systems as a potential reservoir for waterborne pathogens such as Legionella, and water management practices in commercial, industrial, healthcare, and hospitality facilities are drawing scrutiny. Companies that design, build, own, operate, manage, or service these types of facilities may face operational challenges and regulatory and legal consequences when water quality conditions constitute a health risk to occupants (even in the absence of a waterborne disease outbreak). Join Beveridge & Diamond’s Susan Smith (Principal, San Francisco) as she guides webinar attendees through the complex legal issues and expanding regulatory risk, and provides a primer on how businesses can evaluate exposure, mitigate risk, and prepare to respond to public health investigations, enforcement actions, and legal claims.

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