Overview of Environmental and Natural Resource Issues in the Biden Administration | Biden Administration Webinar Series

Informed by the experience and insights of B&D's multi-disciplinary team—including members with former senior U.S. and state government experience—our Biden Administration webinar series will commence with an overview of and outlook for environmental and natural resource issues and initiatives announced by the administration to date, as well as key appointments. Subsequent webinars in the series will provide subject-specific deep dives on topics including enforcement; air and climate change; energy and federal natural resources; ESG and sustainability; and international agreements.

There is no charge to attend this webinar, but advance registration is required. This series is intended for in-house counsel, EH&S professionals, and business leaders at companies, municipalities, and trade associations. To request an invitation, please contact [email protected].

Additional webinars in the series are available on-demand via the links below: