Eric Christensen to Co-Chair, Aaron Goldberg to Speak at Conference on Transportation Electrification

Principal Eric Christensen (Seattle) will co-chair a Law Seminars International Conference, “Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure,” which will explore a wide range of issues arising from electrification of the transportation system, ranging from federal grants and state planning for EV charging stations to utility planning and local permitting and zoning.

On June 21, Principal Aaron Goldberg (Washington, DC) will discuss application of U.S. hazardous waste regulations to lithium-ion batteries and related materials such as black mass, as well as opportunities to promote a circular economy for the critical minerals used to manufacture batteries.

For further information on recent and upcoming battery regulations, visit our Battery Webinar Series page, which includes On-Demand webinars and information on upcoming sessions hosted by B&D.

For more information and to register, visit Law Seminars International's website.