Representative Matters

Alan’s experience includes:

  • Serving as counsel for a major pesticide manufacturer in a series of significant enforcement actions brought by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and involving the supplemental distribution and labeling of registered pesticides in the United States.
  • Serving as counsel for a major biocide distributor in its efforts to compel EPA to ensure proper regulation of a competitor’s actions in the marketplace and to require the competitor to cease sales of unregistered products.
  • Assisting a major consortium of U.S. and international companies in its successful intervention on EPA's behalf in a lawsuit involving alleged violations of Federal Advisory Committee Act regulations.
  • Providing advice to a major U.S. manufacturer of household products to achieve compliance with EPA’s requirements for antimicrobial claims.
  • Counseling an international seed company on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements for genetically engineered organisms modified using novel transformation technologies.
  • Advising one of the world's largest privately held companies on EPA’s regulatory framework for a new agricultural pesticide product and USDA’s legal requirements for imported biological organisms.
  • Assisting a top U.S. food supplier in the development of a comprehensive legal strategy to support its development of an innovative biotechnology solution to devastating global crop disease.
  • Advising a foreign microalgae cultivation company on the EPA and FDA manufacturing process requirements for imported dietary ingredients, including pre-market notification requirements for new dietary ingredients.
  • Counseling a dietary ingredient manufacturer on the types of health claims, nutrient content claims, and structure/function claims that may be made in connection with food products and dietary supplements.
  • Helping one of the world's largest chemical producers evaluate and comply with federal pre-market and labeling requirements applicable to antimicrobial substances intended for use as food or feed additives.
  • Advising a foreign investment group on the U.S. and global legal requirements for dietary supplement products and functional foods as part of the pre-acquisition due diligence process.
  • Representing a leading veterinary medicine manufacturer in an EPA enforcement action involving alleged product chemistry inconsistencies and product misbranding violations.
  • Counseling a Fortune 500 company on the EPA requirements applicable to the U.S. import and export of ethanol fuel.