EPA Proposes New, More Flexible Clean Water Act Affordability Guidance for Public Utilities
Department of Justice Issues New Guidance Limiting Federal Clean Water Act Civil Enforcement Overfiling of State Actions
States Seek PFAS Requirements in Industrial Stormwater General Permit
Ninth Circuit Orders EPA to Rule on NRDC Petition to Cancel Pet Use Registration for Organophosphate Pesticide
SCOTUS: Clean Water Act Permits Required for Some Releases into Groundwater
NGOs Seek Court Order Compelling EPA to Respond to Petition for Emergency Rule on COVID-19 Enforcement Discretion
Federal Court Nullifies Clean Water Act General Permit for Pipelines and Other Linear Projects
EPA Releases 2020 Multi-Sector General Permit for Comment
Ruling in First CWA Case to Rely on EPA’s Interpretive Statement on Groundwater Releases
Justices Wrestle with Scope of the CWA’s Permitting Requirement
New DOJ Policy Diminishes Use of SEPs in Federal Settlements with State and Local Governments
EPA Proposed Regulations Aim to Further Clarify CWA Section 401 Certification Reviews
Supreme Court to Decide Whether “Indirect” Discharges Require NPDES Permits
NY Drinking Water Panel Recommends Stringent Limits for Three Emerging Contaminants
EPA and Army Corps Again Propose to Redefine Waters Regulated Under the Clean Water Act
Justices Request the Government’s Views on CWA Discharge Cases
Pair of Clean Water Act Decisions Creates Circuit Split over Discharges to Groundwater
Petitions Seek Supreme Court Review of Fourth and Ninth Circuit Decisions That Could Expand the CWA’s NPDES Program
Environmental Groups Score First Victory to Expand Regulation of Stormwater Under the NPDES Program
Fourth Circuit Joins Ninth In Holding That “Indirect” Discharges May Violate the CWA
Discharges and Hydrologic Connection to Groundwater: EPA Seeking Comment as Courts Weigh In
Ninth Circuit Holds That Indirect Discharges Require NPDES Permits
First Circuit Shuts Down Use of TMDLs to Expand NPDES Stormwater Permitting
DOJ Clarifies Limits on Third Party Payments in Environmental Settlements
Unanimous Supreme Court: WOTUS Rule Challenges Belong in Federal District Courts
Replacement of the Clean Water Rule to Be a Two-Step Process
DOJ Eliminates Option of Third Party Payments in Settlements
CWA Permit Shield Requires Compliance with Incorporated Quality Standards
First-Ever Federal Labeling Requirements for Bioengineered Foods Signed Into Law
Cosmetic Safety Legislation Introduced Again