Representative Matters

  • Led and supported a comprehensive chemical compliance review project for a U.S.-based Fortune 200 company with operations in over 80 countries globally. We successfully conducted the Toxic Substances Control Act review under an audit agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) using the agency’s audit policy. The global and U.S. review occurred over four years.
  • Designed, conducted and successfully completed and reported numerous audits under EPA’s New Owner Policy.
  • Helped clients assess whether to use EPA’s Audit Policy and to navigate the Agency’s eDisclosure portal where audit agreements are deemed not necessary to pursue.
  • Served as lead counsel for a comprehensive audit of newly-acquired manufacturing facilities in the U.S. under an audit agreement with EPA and managed a network of local counsel for concurrent disclosures and corrective actions in affected states.
  • Serving as the EHS Audit Compliance Assurance Manager for a manufacturing company, including leading audits at multiple manufacturing plants and terminals in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, and Brazil.
  • Conducted an onsite internal investigation following workplace fatality to manage potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforcement action and audit the client’s compliance with company workplace safety requirements.
  • Conducted a multi-year company-wide chemical compliance audit of large oilfield services company.
  • Conducted a detailed evaluation of the worldwide environmental management programs of a Fortune 50 company with various consumer goods manufacturing subsidiaries. Our evaluation encompassed over 130 facilities located in almost 50 countries, including detailed regulatory compliance assessments at 25 representative facilities in numerous countries. We provided detailed findings and recommendations covering activities at the parent and subsidiary levels and helped the company implement the recommendations. 
  • Led an audit of a nationwide retailer’s hazardous waste and hazardous materials transportation compliance for its reverse distribution system.
  • Conducted EHS audits and environmental compliance assessments and/or implemented audit programs for a consumer products manufacturing facility in New Jersey, a chemical manufacturing facility in New York, four large independent power production facilities in New Jersey, and a chemical manufacturing facility in Ohio.
  • Led numerous audits of petroleum refineries for Clean Air Act compliance.

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