Washington Launches Expedited Voluntary Cleanup Program
Oregon Supreme Court Applies Landfill Closure Requirements Broadly in Kinzua Resources, LLC v. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Supreme Court Rules that Landowners at a CERCLA Site Cannot Require Additional Cleanup under State Law without Advance EPA Approval
Court Finds American Lobster Fishery Requires Incidental Take Statement for Impacts on Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale
Washington’s Clean Air Rule: State Supreme Court Invalidates Key Components of Climate Change Regulation
MTCA: A Citizens’ Initiative Shaped by Agency Action
Washington’s Voluntary Cleanup Program: Further Action Needed?
Proposed Changes to Effluent Limit Guidelines for Steam Electric Power Generating Facilities
Washington's Model Toxics Control Act: Transforming Contaminated Sites into Community and Environmental Assets
“Broken Link in the Chain of Liability”: MTCA Decision Highlights Intricacies of Corporate Law
Seventh Circuit Rejects CERCLA Claims Filed Nineteen Years After Settlement
Despite Sophisticated Acquisition Contract, Allocation of CERCLA Liability Unclear
Port of Ridgefield Sues Railroad, Takes Nothing Under MTCA
Regional Reports: Region 10
Legal Whipsaw in Washington Sawmill Case: State Supreme Court Decision Fundamentally Changes the Scope of Liability under MTCA
Judge Becomes Student in Climate Change Lawsuit “Tutorial” and Other Recent Updates
For the First Time, U.S. EPA Proposes to Add a Site to the National Priorities List Solely Based on the Risk Posed by Vapor Intrusion
Regional Reports: Region 10
Regional Reports: Region 10
Regional Reports: Region 10
Regional Reports: Region 10