Megan Brillault and Eric Klein Presenting ACC Webinar on Preparing for U.S. Chemical and Product Lawsuits

B&D's Megan Brillault (Principal, New York) and Eric Klein (Principal, Boston) will present an Association of Corporate Counsel webinar, "Plaintiff’s Playbook – Key Considerations for U.S. Chemical and Product Lawsuits and What You Can Do NOW to Prepare." Environmental class action lawsuits were once rare, but this is no longer true. Plaintiffs have honed a generic formula for environmental class action lawsuits and are applying it broadly throughout the United States. Defending these lawsuits – and paying their verdicts – are costing companies. In this legal quick hit webinar, Megan Brillault and Eric Klein will consider the legal and technical bases for class action and will provide valuable tips – both pre-litigation and post-filing – for companies to be prepared. The presentation will also review a series of case studies.

If you are corporate counsel and would like to register for this webinar, please click here. If this is your first time registering for an ACC webinar, you will need to create a free online account with ACC which will allow you to register for this and for future webinars but which is not associated with ACC membership.

Beveridge & Diamond is proud to sponsor the ACC Environmental and Sustainability Network, a group that enhances the ability of ACC members to practice environmental law. It provides support for the development of related programs within their client companies for both operations and products, including aspects of sustainable development and health and safety issues related to environmental law.