On-Demand Webinar: Biden Administration's Environmental Priorities - What You Need to Know

Please click here to view this webinar on-demand. 

This webcast for the Association for Corporate Counsel's Northeast Chapter, featuring B&D attorneys Brook Detterman, Allyn Stern, and Meghan Morgan, will present a high-level overview of the environmental priorities of the Biden-Harris administration.

Keying in on what has happened in the first 90 days and what is on the horizon, this panel will discuss what areas legal departments should be most concerned with, as well as what legislation/regulations to expect in the near future. Our panel will provide personal insights on some of the cabinet appointees and other leaders, e.g., B&D alumna Brenda Mallory, who was just confirmed to lead the White House's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) as its 12th Chairperson, and how those individuals will be poised to help carry out the Biden agenda.

For a preview of potential action items for companies, B&D has compiled an outline organized by subject-specific practice areas in this article.