Recording Available: Julius Redd, Stacey Halliday, & Hilary Jacobs to Present on Environmental Justice for WLF Webinar Series

Julius Redd (Principal, Washington, DC), Stacey Halliday (Principal, Washington, DC), and Hilary Jacobs (Associate, Washington, DC) will present "Environmental Justice: A Pivotal Year's Developments and What to Watch for in 2022" as part of the Washington Legal Foundation's webinar series.

During this webinar, they will look back at the federal government's development of a "whole-of-government" approach and state initiatives to address environmental justice issues in 2021 and what businesses should expect in 2022. With many uncertainties remaining in how the pursuit of environmental justice will affect both businesses and regulatory decision-making, our speakers will provide their thoughts and offer strategic considerations on the current legal and policy landscape and on what to anticipate in the new year.

Watch the recording here.