Drew Silton, Jack Zietman to Speak at NACWA National Clean Water Law & Enforcement Seminar

Principal Drew Silton (Washington, DC) will speak in a plenary session, "To 'Cause or Contribute' or Not To 'Cause or Contribute,' That is the Que…Wait, You Can NOT 'Cause or Contribute?' How Do We Do That?! We Choose That One!" on November 9. Panelists will discuss what it means for a discharge to “cause or contribute to the violation of a water quality standard” and the terms of a utility’s NPDES permit.

Associate Jack Zietman (Washington, DC) will also speak in a roundtable discussion, "Top Clean Water Legal Developments of the Year," on November 9. Speakers will explain Chevron deference and "major questions," while reviewing crucial clean water developments from the past year and the the impacts they could have on business.

Principal Richard Davis (Washington, DC) will attend the NACWA seminar.

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For more information and to register, visit NACWA's website.