EPA Releases PFAS Action Plan
MassDEP to Focus on Regulating Only Specific PFAS Compounds
Environmental Groups Petition for a Strict PFAS Drinking Water Standard in Massachusetts
For the First Time, U.S. EPA Proposes to Add a Site to the National Priorities List Solely Based on the Risk Posed by Vapor Intrusion
PHMSA Increases Penalty Limits for Pipeline Safety Violations
The Congressional Review Act: Congress Dusts Off an Old Oversight Weapon
Comments Due August 15 on EPA Proposal to Remove Emergency Defense from Title V Operating Permit Regulations
Massachusetts Enacts First-in-Country Opioid Take Back Law
Does Your Toxic Release Inventory Make You a Target for Enforcement?
Co-Author, Three Part Series, "Notice of Audit Findings 2010 Review," Licensed Site Professional Association Newsletter, November 2011 and January 2012
Co-Author, The Promise and Pitfalls of Downgradient Property Status, Licensed Site Professional Association Newsletter, April 2010
Co-Author, Practical Issues Relating to Indoor Air Testing
Massachusetts Gateway Cities: Brownfields Pilot Sites
Co-Author, Considerations for Updating Your Work Scopes and/or Contract Terms to Address the Proposed Asbestos Regulations
Co-Author, Many Masters
Bay State Moves to Address Perchlorate Contamination