Gus Winkes Invited to Join WA Department of Ecology's Cleanup Rule Stakeholder & Tribal Advisory Group

The Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) invited Augustus (Gus) Winkes (Seattle) to join an advisory group tasked with providing guidance as the agency amends the state’s contaminated site cleanup regulations under the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). In his role on the Stakeholder and Tribal Advisory Group (STAG), Gus will have the opportunity to share insights and recommendations—gained counseling companies on contaminated site cleanup in Washington and across the U.S.—as the updates take shape.

The STAG is part of a significant multi-year rulemaking effort to amend MTCA regulations. It consists 20-25 key stakeholders who will provide advice and feedback as Ecology updates the MTCA regulations. STAG members will also serve as ambassadors for the interests and concerns of various stakeholders.

"Gus is a well-rounded, energetic, and engaged environmental attorney with an extensive contaminated site practice," said B&D Principal Loren Dunn. "Drawing on his background with a diverse set of clients and contacts in the field, he will be able to offer constructive, nuanced, and informed perspectives during the multi-year rulemaking process."

“It’s a privilege to participate in Ecology’s efforts to amend the MTCA regulations, drawing on my experience and that of other stakeholders, to strengthen Washington’s toxics cleanup program," said Gus. "With over 6,000 sites in Washington that have not been fully cleaned up and 200 to 300 new sites identified each year, I look forward to identifying opportunities, and working with other stakeholders, to improve the process and outcomes for everyone involved.”

The views expressed above do not necessarily reflect the views of Ecology or the STAG. This is not a communication made on their behalf.

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