Ben Wilson Quoted in American Lawyer on Diversity in Leadership

Chairman Ben Wilson was quoted in a November 2 article in The American Lawyer titled "It's Lonely at the Top for Big Law's Few Black Leaders." The article focuses on diversity in leadership within the legal profession.

When African-American Big Law partners make up only 1.7% of partners at large law firms, this article discusses how Big Law's few black leaders managed to "beat the odds," and gives advice to young lawyers of color. Ben notes that "it's important for young lawyers to understand the business of law," including hitting the ground early on client development. 

Regarding the low numbers of African-American partners and leaders, Ben says that "there are individual successes but even reaching 2% of African-American partners seems high at this point." However, Ben remains encouraged by the actions of clients, stating that "it's not just the general counsel but all in-house counsel. Their willingness to speak up about diversity, to exercise their clout is making a difference."

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