Brook Detterman Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article on Green Marketing

The Wall Street Journal

Principal Brook Detterman (Boston) was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article titled, “What Brands Should Know as FTC Prepares to Update Green Marketing Guidelines.” The article discusses the anticipated updates to Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, also called the Green Guides. These guidelines help brands determine what environmental claims are acceptable, and how companies can avoid greenwashing accusations and running afoul of the FTC.

The Guides are not binding, but they are “very helpful in assessing what the FTC views as permissible, and what the FTC views as impermissible,” said Brook.

When asked about what marketers can expect in this year’s updates to the Green Guides, The Wall Street Journal mentioned that the FTC may revisit labels not mentioned in 2012. These terms include verbiage including “sustainable,” “organic,” or “natural,” as well as other potential items B&D previously wrote on.

“[The FTC] might also rethink how much marketers need to substantiate claims and the role of life-cycle assessments in them, said Brook.

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