Stacey Halliday and Julius Redd Quoted in Law360 on Biden Administration’s Focus on Environmental Justice


Law360 quoted Principals Stacey Halliday and Julius M. Redd (Washington, DC) in an environmental justice (EJ) article titled, "Biden's Enviro Justice Push Dips Into Uncharted Waters". The article discusses the Biden administration’s historic use of federal authority on EJ matters and the impacts on clients and local regulators.

Julius commented that clients benefit from the firm’s experience and ability to guide federal regulators to salient issues amid agency uncertainty. He said, "we are finding that they have the mandate from the administration to advance environmental justice, but they don't always know how or what that means. And so we can add value and guide the regulator on certain issues that are actually important, and would actually advance environmental justice, and help them think about the issues in ways they might not have thought about it previously."

He also noted that B&D attorneys with specialized practices continue to exchange information and share expertise to understand better how environmental justice actions and programs can impact firm clients and lawyers’ practices.

Stacey explained that B&D’s EJ practice pivoted to respond to clients' concerns about how aggressive the federal government is getting on EJ questions. She commented that under the Biden administration, there has been an increase in high-profile investigations and less resource-intensive enforcement activity, such as information requests.

B&D's Environmental Justice practice has been at the forefront of EJ issues for decades, bringing specialized private sector and government experience to bear. We represent multinational companies and municipal clients in complex disputes and high-profile project development, corporate ethics and governance, environmental compliance, and investigations related to EJ and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 enforcement.