EPA Finalizes Important Changes to Agency Guidance Procedures
EPA Lifting COVID-19-Related Enforcement Discretion Policy on August 31
EPA Weighs Lifting COVID-19-Related Enforcement Discretion Policy
EPA Tackles Controversial Clean Water Act Certification Requirements
Opportunities for Industry Action in Response to President Trump’s Executive Order Limiting EPA and Other Federal Agency Use of Guidance
Making Sense of Environmental Agency Enforcement Policies in the Wake of a Pandemic
Supreme Court Rules that Landowners at a CERCLA Site Cannot Require Additional Cleanup under State Law without Advance EPA Approval
EPA Issues Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Superfund Sites and Other Cleanup Actions
EPA Policy Provides Enforcement Relief Where Needed Due to Pandemic
Complying with the CCR Rule: A Moving Target
EPA Issues Updated Guidance on “Common Elements” of Superfund Innocent Landowner Defenses
EPA Proposes Revisions to Rules for Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities
EPA Issues New Strategic Plan with Sharp Changes to Agency Goals and Policies
CERCLA Task Force Issues Recommendations
EPA Revises All Appropriate Inquiry Rule
EPA Retracts CERCLA Remedy Selection Authority from Regional Offices for Remedies that Exceed $50 Million
Maryland 2017 Environmental Legislative Agenda Set
EPA Proposes to Amend the Site Remediation NESHAP to Remove the Exemption for Site Remediation Activities Performed under CERCLA and RCRA
Maryland Legislative and Regulatory Updates