NC to Regulate the Decommissioning of Renewable Projects and Managing End-of-Life Equipment
Interior Department Reorganizes into 12 “Unified Regions” – To What Effect On The Ground?
Don’t Just Shuffle Offices: Give Local Officials Teeth
New Presidential and Interior Orders Target Environmental Permitting, NEPA Reviews, and Flood Risk Standards
ONRR and DOJ Adopt Aggressive False Claims Act Strategy for Royalty Underpayments
Executive Order Charts New Path For Offshore Energy Development
Interior Secretary Immediately Implements President’s Executive Order on Energy and Climate
New Executive Order Creates a Changed Climate for Climate Change and Energy
ONRR Expands Civil Penalty Liability for Federal and Indian Mineral Lessees
OSHA, EPA and DOI Increase Maximum Civil Penalties
BLM Proposes to Restrict Methane Releases from Oil and Gas Leases
National Park Service Proposes Sweeping Changes to Oil and Gas Regulations
Following the Yellow Brick Road – A Peek Behind the Curtain
Supreme Court Allows Agencies to Re-Interpret Their Regulations Without Rulemaking
Interior Department Proposes to Open Offshore Atlantic Region to Oil and Gas Leasing
DOI Proposes Overhaul Of Federal And Indian Mineral Lease Royalty Valuation Standards