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Public Duty Doctrine Applies when the Washington DNR Acts as a Fire Prevention and Suppression Agency
EPA Provides Flexibility to Pesticide Manufacturers Using “Commodity Inert Ingredients”
Novel Citizen Suit Against Automotive Parts Dealer Results in $850K Penalty
EPA Policy Provides Enforcement Relief Where Needed Due to Pandemic
COVID-19 Impacts on Legal System, Business, and Environmental Compliance in Massachusetts
Washington Adopts “PACER” Legislation That Will Create a Proven Source of Financing for Energy and Resiliency Retrofits in Commercial Buildings
California Regulatory Agencies Emphasize Continued Compliance During COVID-19 Response
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues “Stay-At-Home” Order to Combat Coronavirus
Oregon Governor Kate Brown Issues Executive Order Calling for Substantial Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Oregon DEQ Issues Guidance on Enforcement Discretion Requests During COVID-19 Pandemic
New Klamath TMDLs: An Impossible Standard?
China Intends to Revise Its Energy Efficiency Standard for Flat-Panel TV Set and Set-Top Boxes
TCEQ Issues Guidance for Submitting Enforcement Discretion Requests During COVID-19 Pandemic
So Long to SEPs
New York Approves Use of Certain Disinfectant Products Against Novel Coronavirus
FDA Reopens Public Docket Seeking Data on the Safety and Potential Benefits of CBD
New Deadlines for Protecting Confidential Chemical Identities
FDA and FTC Warn Dietary Supplement Manufacturers Against Making Fraudulent Anti-Coronavirus Claims
Coronavirus: OSHA Considerations for Employers
EPA Releases 2020 Multi-Sector General Permit for Comment
EPA Authorizes Anti-Coronavirus Claims for Pre-Designated Disinfectant Products
Are You Ready to Report an Accidental Chemical Release to Another Agency?
Government Proposes to Codify Limits on Migratory Bird Treaty Act Liability
Many Companies Face Obligations Under the TSCA Fees Rule
New WOTUS Rule Clarifies Clean Water Act Jurisdiction, Awaits Litigation
Congress Tackles PFAS on Multiple Fronts
California’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plans: New Rules on Employee Access
New York Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Setting Strict Limits for PFOA, PFOS and Dioxane
Washington’s Clean Air Rule: State Supreme Court Invalidates Key Components of Climate Change Regulation
Complying with the CCR Rule: A Moving Target