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After More Than Five Years, EPA Amends PFAS SNURs
Senator Hawley Introduces Slave-Free Business Certification Act
Pacific Northwest Utilities Seek Thousands of Megawatts of New Renewable and Non-Emitting Energy: A Huge Opportunity for Independent Power Producers
Colombia Proposes New Chemical Regulatory Framework, Comments Due July 31, 2020
California Adopts Definition of Microplastics in Drinking Water
Pedal to the Metal: 15 States and D.C. Seek to Achieve 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Sales for New Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles by 2050
White House Completes Generational Update of NEPA Regulations
Massachusetts Approves $550K in Combined Settlements Against Cannabis Companies for Improper Use of Pesticides
Washington Launches Expedited Voluntary Cleanup Program
Oregon Supreme Court Applies Landfill Closure Requirements Broadly in Kinzua Resources, LLC v. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
USDA Issues Guidance to Facilitate Compliance with Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard
MassDEP Reopens Public Comment Period for Targeted Issues in Draft 2020-2030 Solid Waste Master Plan
California Flips Switch Toward Electric Trucks
CORSIA Updates: ICAO Drops 2020 Emissions from CORSIA Baseline and Launches the CORSIA Central Registry
EPA Lifting COVID-19-Related Enforcement Discretion Policy on August 31
Golden Door Slammed Shut on County’s CEQA Process Again
D.C. Rejects Routine FERC Practice of Tolling Rehearing, Forcing Drastic Changes in FERC Practice
EPA Finalizes Changes to the RCRA Ignitability Characteristic, Backing Away from Proposed Substantive Modifications But Providing Important New Guidance
EPA Weighs Lifting COVID-19-Related Enforcement Discretion Policy
If You Handle PFAS, Your TRI May Be Different Next Year
FERC Schedules Technical Conferences on Offshore Wind and Carbon Pricing to Address Issues Critical to Renewable Energy
Supreme Court Rules U.S. Forest Service Can Grant Pipeline Right-of-Way Under Appalachian Trail
States Seek PFAS Requirements in Industrial Stormwater General Permit
Federal Court Vacates Nationwide Permit 48 for Local Commercial Shellfish Growers
California Employers Face Broader Recording and Reporting Obligations for COVID-19 Illnesses
European Commission Forecasts Sweeping Legislative Reforms in Circular Economy Action Plan and Forthcoming Strategy for Textiles
Treasury Department Proposes Regulations to Govern Tax Credits for Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Oregon Appeals Court Confirms Water Rights for Hydroelectric Power
FERC Adopts New Rules for Pipeline Certificate Orders to Address Concerns of D.C. Circuit
CORSIA Updates: Baseline Decision Imminent and New Offset Programs in the Works