Susan Smith Speaking During AWWA's Virtual Summit on Sustainable Water, PFAS and Pathogens

B&D Principal Susan Smith (San Francisco) will moderate the panel discussion “Navigating the Legal Landscape of PFAS for Water Utilities in 2021: Challenges & Opportunities” during American Water Works Association's Virtual Summit on Sustainable Water, PFAS and Pathogens.

The summit will cover all aspects of resilient and efficient water management, providing insights into best practices for water resource management, source water protection, conservation, and alternative water supplies. Waterborne Pathogens topics will explore a holistic approach for addressing the challenges associated with pathogens in water, including reuse and premise plumbing systems, and PFAS sessions will provide further insight into the most relevant and current regulatory, technical, financial, and management challenges associated with this persistent environmental contaminant.

For more information, and to register, please see AWWA's website