COVID-19 Impacts on Legal System, Business, and Environmental Compliance in Massachusetts
EPA Policy Provides Enforcement Relief Where Needed Due to Pandemic
California Regulatory Agencies Emphasize Continued Compliance During COVID-19 Response
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues “Stay-At-Home” Order to Combat Coronavirus
New Klamath TMDLs: An Impossible Standard?
EPA Releases 2020 Multi-Sector General Permit for Comment
New WOTUS Rule Clarifies Clean Water Act Jurisdiction, Awaits Litigation
Congress Tackles PFAS on Multiple Fronts
New York Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Setting Strict Limits for PFOA, PFOS and Dioxane
Ninth Circuit Orders EPA to Develop Total Maximum Daily Loads for Temperature on the Columbia and Snake Rivers
MassDEP Proposes Stringent MCL and Finalizes Cleanup Standards for Six PFAS
Ruling in First CWA Case to Rely on EPA’s Interpretive Statement on Groundwater Releases
New York Enacts New Limitations Period for Water Supplier Contamination Claims
EPA Proposes Big Changes to the EAB Permit Appeals Process
Justices Wrestle with Scope of the CWA’s Permitting Requirement
NMFS Seeks to Streamline Aquaculture Permitting While a Washington Federal Court Interjects Caution
EPA Proposes Revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule
California Water Board Could Leave Non-Compliant Emerald Triangle Cannabis Farmers High & Dry
Another Round In The Battle Over The Clean Water Act
Déjà Vu: EPA, Army Corps Take First Step to Redefine “Waters of the U.S.”
New DOJ Policy Diminishes Use of SEPs in Federal Settlements with State and Local Governments
EPA Proposed Regulations Aim to Further Clarify CWA Section 401 Certification Reviews
EPA Issues Policy to Enhance Partnerships with States
Not So Cooperative Federalism? Washington Sues EPA Over Reversal in Long-Running Human Health Criteria Saga
Rewetting the Ink on Washington’s Industrial Stormwater General Permit: Significant Modifications Coming Down the Pipes
EPA Finalizes National Compliance Initiatives for FY2020-FY2023
New EPA Section 401 Guidance Clarifies Timelines for and Scope of Certification Reviews
California Court Finds Tribe Lacks Standing to Quantify Reserved Water Right
The Supreme Court Decides the United States Cannot Have Title to Running Waters
Vermont Governor Signs Law Setting Strict PFAS Limits