Forests Recognized as Contributors to Washington State's Response to Climate Change
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues Clarifications Regarding “Essential” Businesses Exempt from His “Stay-At-Home” Order
Public Duty Doctrine Applies when the Washington DNR Acts as a Fire Prevention and Suppression Agency
Washington Adopts “PACER” Legislation That Will Create a Proven Source of Financing for Energy and Resiliency Retrofits in Commercial Buildings
California Regulatory Agencies Emphasize Continued Compliance During COVID-19 Response
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues “Stay-At-Home” Order to Combat Coronavirus
Oregon Governor Kate Brown Issues Executive Order Calling for Substantial Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Oregon DEQ Issues Guidance on Enforcement Discretion Requests During COVID-19 Pandemic
New Klamath TMDLs: An Impossible Standard?
New WOTUS Rule Clarifies Clean Water Act Jurisdiction, Awaits Litigation
California’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plans: New Rules on Employee Access
Washington’s Clean Air Rule: State Supreme Court Invalidates Key Components of Climate Change Regulation
Complying with the CCR Rule: A Moving Target
Amendments to Proposition 65’s Safe Harbor Regulations Finalized in Attempt to Clarify Legal Responsibilities of Businesses Across the Supply Chain
Seattle Launches Energy Efficiency as a Service Program, Encouraging Deep Energy Efficiency Building Retrofits
Ninth Circuit Orders EPA to Develop Total Maximum Daily Loads for Temperature on the Columbia and Snake Rivers
USDA Extends Deadline to Comment on Interim Regulations for U.S. Hemp Production
California DTSC Accepting Comments on the Use of BPA, Ortho-phthalates, and PFAS in Food Packaging as Part of Its Evaluations under the Safer Consumer Products Program
EPA Considers Adding PFAS Chemicals to the Toxic Release Inventory
Government of the People
MTCA: A Citizens’ Initiative Shaped by Agency Action
Clean Air Act Single Source Determinations: This Time, Adjacent Means Adjacent!
Most Recent Amendment to the Groundfish Fishery Management Plan a Rare Source of Agreement
Washington’s Voluntary Cleanup Program: Further Action Needed?
Proposed Changes to Effluent Limit Guidelines for Steam Electric Power Generating Facilities
EPA Proposes Big Changes to the EAB Permit Appeals Process
Compliance Deadline Approaching for California Cleaning Product Disclosures while New York Program Stalls
USDA Interim Hemp Regulations Provide Welcome Guidance But Need Refinement
Washington's Model Toxics Control Act: Transforming Contaminated Sites into Community and Environmental Assets
USDA Issues Much-Needed Guidance to U.S. Hemp Industry via Interim Rule