B&D's international environmental lawyers serve both multinational clients’ environmental needs in the Asia-Pacific region and assist Asian clients doing business in the United States. Building on our longstanding model of managing global portfolios of environmental legal and regulatory projects for numerous industry sectors, the firm has forged relationships with carefully-selected Asian law firms to combine B&D's deep environmental law and policy strengths with localized awareness, sensitivity, and expertise. This heavily-leveraged model reduces legal spend while providing high levels of support for in-house lawyers and their business clients. We provide the bulk of analytical support and obtain confirmation or clarification from local counsel on a targeted basis.


In keeping with the rapid evolution and development of environmental policy and regulation underway in China, our International service area has a special focus on addressing client concerns in China. This includes facilitating high-level dialogue among Chinese government officials responsible for environmental law and policy, representatives from multi-national companies, and Chinese academia concerning emerging environmental law and policy, as well as challenges in China’s environmental program implementation. Our support extends to conducting training for EHS managers, facility managers, and supply chain managers.

Weiwei Luo, a Chinese-trained lawyer, leads our China EHS Roundtable, a forum for multinational companies to share their experience with Chinese EHS laws applicable to their facilities, products, and supply chains. The firm also provides instruction and guidance at various symposia in China, for companies and practitioners alike, geared towards transferring knowledge from the U.S. environmental experience to the Chinese setting.