European Commission Launches Roadmap for Sustainable Products Initiative to Usher in New Era of Product Regulatory Requirements
Senator Hawley Introduces Slave-Free Business Certification Act
Colombia Proposes New Chemical Regulatory Framework, Comments Due July 31, 2020
How should stakeholders navigate Mexico’s complex and changing chemical regime?
European Commission Forecasts Sweeping Legislative Reforms in Circular Economy Action Plan and Forthcoming Strategy for Textiles
What’s New – China Revises its New Chemical Substance Management Rules
China Promulgates Amendment to Its Solid Waste Law
China Intends to Revise Its Energy Efficiency Standard for Flat-Panel TV Set and Set-Top Boxes
Key Takeaways:
2020 Circular Economy and Plastics Symposium
Circular Economy & Product Design Mandates: EU Bans Halogenated Flame Retardants in Electronic Components and Imposes Reparability Obligations
Basel Ban Amendment to Restrict International Trade in Hazardous Recyclables
World Trade Organization Panel Ruling Casts a Shadow on State Preferences in Renewable Energy Laws
Basel Convention Recasts the Circular Economy for Plastics
China Proposes Regulatory Overhaul Targeting Environmental Risks from Chemicals
China Enacts Landmark Legislation Addressing Soil Contamination
UN to Kick Off Negotiations to Regulate Access to and Require Benefit-Sharing from Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction