EPA Proposes to Allow Certain Uses of Biotechnology in Development of Plant-Incorporated Protectants
In Agency First, EPA Allows Limited Use of Antiviral Disinfectant with Long-Lasting Efficacy Claims
USDA Proposes Overhaul of Organic Program Certification and Enforcement Rules
USDA Issues Guidance to Facilitate Compliance with Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard
EPA Warns Against False or Misleading Antiviral Claims, Highlights Enforcement
SECURE Rule Amends USDA Regulation of Genetically Engineered Organisms
EPA Provides Flexibility to Manufacturers of Isopropyl Alcohol-Based Disinfectants and Sanitizers
EPA Expedites Data Review for Disinfectant Products that May Be Effective Against the Novel Coronavirus
Ten Tips for Disinfectant Producers and Distributors During the COVID-19 Pandemic
EPA Releases Unprecedented Recommendation to Use Unregistered Substances as Disinfectants Against Coronavirus
EPA Continues to Expand Efforts to Ease the Production of Disinfectants Approved for Use Against the Novel Coronavirus
EPA Highlights Enforcement Against Disinfectant Products Making Fraudulent Coronavirus Claims
EPA Takes Action to Ease the Production of Disinfectants Approved for Use Against the Novel Coronavirus
EPA Provides Flexibility to Pesticide Manufacturers Using “Commodity Inert Ingredients”
New York Approves Use of Certain Disinfectant Products Against Novel Coronavirus
FDA Reopens Public Docket Seeking Data on the Safety and Potential Benefits of CBD
EPA Authorizes Anti-Coronavirus Claims for Pre-Designated Disinfectant Products
EPA Approves Hemp Pesticide Applications In Advance of 2020 Growing Season
USDA Extends Deadline to Comment on Interim Regulations for U.S. Hemp Production
USDA Interim Hemp Regulations Provide Welcome Guidance But Need Refinement
USDA Issues Much-Needed Guidance to U.S. Hemp Industry via Interim Rule
EPA Seeks Public Comment on First-Ever Hemp Pesticide Applications
U.S. Supreme Court Increases Protection for Confidential Business Information Shared With The Federal Government
USDA Issues Legal Opinion on Hemp
2018 Farm Bill Legalizes Industrial Hemp
EU’s Highest Court Issues Advisory Opinion Supporting Exemption of Directed Mutagenesis Products From GMO Regulation
Environmental Protection Agency Streamlines Pesticide Residue Chemistry Data Requirements for Seed Treatment Uses
USDA Issues Annual Agricultural Biotechnology Report for China
USDA Announces New Phytosanitary Requirements for Soybean Exports to China
Comments Due November 1 on Proposed Update to Framework for Biotechnology Regulation