EU’s Highest Court Issues Advisory Opinion Supporting Exemption of Directed Mutagenesis Products From GMO Regulation
Environmental Protection Agency Streamlines Pesticide Residue Chemistry Data Requirements for Seed Treatment Uses
USDA Issues Annual Agricultural Biotechnology Report for China
USDA Announces New Phytosanitary Requirements for Soybean Exports to China
Comments Due November 1, 2016 on Proposed Update to Framework for Biotechnology Regulation
USDA Declares “Do-Over” on Overhaul of Biotechnology Regulations
EPA Publishes FIFRA Use Site Index for Antimicrobial Pesticides
EPA Codifies New Changes to FIFRA Minimum Risk Pesticide Requirements
APHIS Withdraws 2008 Proposal to Amend Regulation of GE Organisms
D.C. Circuit Rejects Challenge to Pesticide Registration as Untimely
Protection of Confidential Inert Ingredient Information in a World of Disclosure