Nessa Coppinger Quoted in Law360 on Biggest Environmental Cases to Watch in 2018

Principal Nessa Coppinger (Washington, DC) was quoted in a January 1 article in Law360 titled "The Biggest Environmental Cases To Watch In 2018." The article discusses the most important environmental cases to watch in the upcoming year. Of the seven highlighted focus areas, Nessa focused on three similar environmental suits in California state court regarding alleged climate change-related damages.

Marin and San Mateo counties, along with the city of Imperial Beach, accused 37 oil, gas, and coal companies of knowingly causing billions of dollars in climate change-related damage to residents, businesses, and the environment in claims that include public nuisance, negligent failure to warn, and trespass. Nessa stated, "the California-based climate change litigation will be a test of how far the courts in California are willing to expand the scope of permissible public nuisance claims ... and whether such claims can uphold damages based on general contributions to climate change."

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