If You Handle PFAS, Your TRI May Be Different Next Year
States Seek PFAS Requirements in Industrial Stormwater General Permit
Congress Tackles PFAS on Multiple Fronts
New York Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Setting Strict Limits for PFOA, PFOS and Dioxane
Congress Puts PFAS SNURs on an Accelerated Timetable
MassDEP Proposes Stringent MCL and Finalizes Cleanup Standards for Six PFAS
California DTSC Accepting Comments on the Use of BPA, Ortho-phthalates, and PFAS in Food Packaging as Part of Its Evaluations under the Safer Consumer Products Program
Maine Accepting Comments on PFOS as a Priority Chemical in Children’s Products
Washington State Announces Interest in Restricting Chemicals in Certain Consumer Products
Vermont Governor Signs Law Setting Strict PFAS Limits
Washington State Enacts Sweeping Law to Regulate PFAS and Other Chemicals in Consumer Products and Packaging
Vermont Legislature Passes Bill That Would Impose Strict PFAS Limits
EPA Publishes Draft Screening and Remediation Recommendations for Groundwater Contaminated with PFOA and PFOS
States Draft Legislation Following EPA's PFAS Action Plan
EPA Releases PFAS Action Plan
NY Drinking Water Panel Recommends Stringent Limits for Three Emerging Contaminants
Vashon Award - Beveridge & Diamond
California Lead Paint Decision Opens Door for Expanded Public Nuisance Suits