Sports Illustrated, National Law Journal, DC TV Affiliates and Others Cover Ben Wilson’s Connections with Super Bowl-Bound Nephew Russell Wilson

Leading up to this weekend's Super Bowl, a number of media outlets have again picked up on Beveridge & Diamond's connection to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the form of Managing Principal Ben Wilson. Washington, DC, ABC affiliate WJLA Channel 7 and CBS affiliate WUSA Channel 9 spoke about the legacy of excellence Russell’s late father and Ben’s brother, Harrison, instilled in Russell.

Commenting on his nephew’s performance that sealed a second straight trip to the Super Bowl, Ben said, “For me, it felt like a gratification that my brother’s son had performed at the very highest level in the most difficult of circumstances and helped his team succeed. My brother would not be surprised. He coached [Russell]. He trained him. He encouraged him. He prepared him for that challenge and Russell was ready. And I believe he’ll be ready Sunday.”

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Relating to the impact that Harrison has had on Russell's continued success on the football field, Ben told Channel 9, "He's prepared his whole life. He can hear the echoes of my brother saying 'Why not me?' . . . and that's one of the motivations that propelled him to victory this time."

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Sports Illustrated also covered Russell's background and how he developed his pursuit of success in an article titled "Where Does It Come From?" Again noting his brother as one of Russell's biggest influences, Ben said, "A child is not born with a dream in his heart, someone has to suggest it to them. Russell’s father said, ‘Russell you could do this one day. You could be a great baseball player. You could play both sports!’ And Russell believed that. He was an apt pupil.”

The National Law Journal published an article noting the friendly rivalry between Ben and Beveridge & Diamond's Boston office in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Brian Levey, a Principal in the firm's Boston office, noted a wager between Ben and Boston's Managing Principal Marc Goldstein - f the Patriots win, Ben will have to wear either a Rob Gronkowski or Tom Brady jersey. If the Seahawks win, the Boston office will don Russell Wilson jerseys. Ben showed his unwavering confidence in his nephew's team when he said, "We're the defending world champions after all."

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The Guardian explores the role that Wilson family patriarchs, including Ben and his late brother, Russell’s father Harrison, played in shaping Russell’s life and philosophy in an article titled "Race, Loss and the Comeback: When Russell Wilson's Defenses Dropped". 

DC Legal Bisnow also covered the firm’s Seahawks and Patriots loyalties, complete with photos of Ben and Brian in their respective team gear.