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Impact of Emerging Plastics Regulations on Fashion and Textile Industries

March 18, 2021 | Register for this Program | Register for Multiple Programs

Stacey Halliday (Independent Consultant for Beveridge & Diamond) and Allyn Stern (B&D Of Counsel, Seattle) will discuss the intersection of plastics and the fashion industry supply chain, the impact of international developments directly addressing textile and fashion waste, and related regulations impacting textile and fashion industries. 

Plastics Litigation: The Plaintiffs’ Playbook

January 28, 2021 | View On-Demand

B&D's Graham Zorn (Principal, Washington, DC) and Mike Vitris (Associate, Austin) will analyze plaintiffs’ deployment of state common law torts and environmental citizen suits in the plastics arena, and how the industry can prepare for and defend these lawsuits. The speakers will also discuss how NGOs are deploying litigation and lobbying against EPA and state regulators to increase environmental enforcement and adopt more stringent environmental requirements.

New International Waste Controls and Trade Bans on Plastics Shipped for Recycling

November 17, 2020 View On-Demand

In this webinar, B&D's Paul Hagen (Principal, Washington, DC) and Russ LaMotte (Principal, Washington, DC) summarized recent and pending developments in the Basel Convention and waste-related global instruments impacting plastics, and discussed how those developments relate to the goal of building a new circular economy. 

Agency Enforcement and Citizen Suits

September 30, 2020 | View On-Demand

Although plastic products and wastes have been at the forefront of global concern, the spotlight is quickly shifting to the source and manufacturing of plastics. Several environmental statutes give enforcement tools to agencies and citizens and are being used in innovative ways to enforce against plastic manufacturers. 

In this webinar, B&D's Karen Hansen (Principal, Austin) and Bina Reddy (Principal, Austin) discussed recent developments in agency enforcement and citizen suits relating to the plastics sector. 

Trends in U.S. and State Regulation of Plastic Production, Products, and Packaging

July 21, 2020 | View On-Demand

At the federal, state, and local level, there is increased action to address concerns around plastics in the environment. Governments are considering (and adopting) legislation and regulations that would, among other things, require extended producer responsibility and impose bans and restrictions on plastic products sales. Rulemaking and enforcement efforts are also seeking to establish controls for plastic production facilities.

In this webinar, B&D's Russ LaMotte (Principal, Washington, DC), Dacie Meng (Associate, Washington, DC) and Sarah Munger (Associate, Austin) walked through examples of recent proposals and laws, including the federal Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 and circular economy legislation in California. In addition, the webinar covered trends we have observed relating to these efforts, particularly related activities in the private sector and new developments in response to COVID-19.

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