B&D Symposium: Unpacking the Packaging Lifecycle

Legal restrictions and policy initiatives aimed at the manufacturing, design, marketing, and disposal of packaging are expanding rapidly across the country, adding layers of complexity to the lifecycle of nearly all products. As consumer demand for sustainable products grows, green marketing claims face increased scrutiny. Similarly, federal and state governments look poised to advance new requirements on packaging related to materials restrictions, labeling, extended producer responsibility, and more.

Designed with packaging producers, consumer goods, companies, retailers, and Product Responsibility Organizations (PROs) in mind, this symposium will help businesses prepare for evolving federal and state regulations and the enforcement and litigation risks that come with them. Key players across multiple sectors will provide updates on the state of play and emerging developments for packaging both nationwide and in key states. Don't miss our keynote speaker, Anne Germain, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs of the National Waste & Recycling Association, present on, "Revitalizing Industry's Role in Safeguarding the Future of Recycling."

The full agenda is available here; select sessions are available in a hybrid format.

This program is intended for in-house counsel, EHS professionals, and business leaders at companies, municipalities, and trade associations. CLE is available for states requested during registration; we are not able to provide CLE in Pennsylvania. Please contact [email protected] for questions.

Key topics include:

  • Recycled content requirements and recyclability
  • PFAS and other material restrictions
  • New labeling requirements
  • Environmental marketing claims
  • Extended producer responsibility requirements
  • Regional hotbeds of activity
  • Enforcement and litigation trends