Department of Energy Requests Public Input on Energy Conservation Standards for External Power Supplies
Court Finds American Lobster Fishery Requires Incidental Take Statement for Impacts on Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale
New York Approves $3 Billion 2020 Conservation Bond Act
Key Takeaways:
2020 Circular Economy and Plastics Symposium
Basel Ban Amendment to Restrict International Trade in Hazardous Recyclables
Basel Convention Recasts the Circular Economy for Plastics
New York State Adopts Drug Take Back Law Requiring Drug Manufacturers to Develop, Implement and Pay All Costs of a Statewide Drug Take Back Program
TCFD Report Will Shape Future Expectations for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
Minamata Convention to Take Effect in August, Restricting the Production and Usage of Mercury Worldwide
New Developments and Uncertainties for Conflict Minerals Disclosure
SEC Conflict Minerals Rule Faces New Scrutiny Ahead of May Filing Deadline
EPA Revises Hazardous Waste Import-Export Rules
FedEx Settlement with California Department of Toxic Substances Control Contains Important Lessons/Reminders for Product and Waste Shippers
ENERGY STAR Disqualifications on the Rise: How to Make Sure Your Product Isn’t Next
EPA Proposes Revisions to Hazardous Waste Import-Export Rules
DC Circuit Reaffirms that Disclosure Requirement Violates First Amendment
The Expanding Regulation of Used and End-of-Life Electronic Products
Federal Interagency Task Force Announces National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship
Turning Trash Into Treasure: Regulating E-Waste Exports
The Global Expansion Of Toy Legislation
In the Year 2049: What Will Environmental Protection Be Like 40 Years From Now?
Product-Based Environmental Regulations: Europe Sets the Pace
The Stockholm Convention On Persistent Organic Pollutants
Environmental Law
The Green Diplomacy Gap
The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety: New Rules for International Trade in Living Modified Organisms
International Environmental Law
The Convergence of Trade and Environmental Law
The Application of the United States Hazardous Waste Cleanup Laws in the Canada-U.S. Context